Symbolic Wisdom (Wednesday’s Channel Sermon 10/03/18)

What symbol are you creating in your life to bring you meaning?

When your feeling lack and scarcity it’s great to come home within and visit what you do want.  Beginning to focus on the eternal now that you would like to have demonstrated in your life, right now.

How do we get there?  Through our thoughts and we can power our thoughts to be at a higher vibration to transmute a better out come.

Do you ever get the thoughts of fear, doubt, and the plague of what if thoughts?

A mantra can help with these thoughts are quite simple but powerful.  So, a thought might be, “I don’t have____ or, I could be in ___or, something terrible could___in my life…”

I simply hit the “Cancel” button in my mind and then go through into replacing that vibrational healing thought into something better.

Mantra: “Cancel that” (end thought).  Breathe.

Replacement: “I’m taking action into my life today, to uplift and bring into my life____.”

What is the opposite of lack? Answer: Plenty.

Example: Jannie states: I don’t have enough money to pay for all my bills and put food on the table for my kids.

Mantra: “Cancel That!”, “I’ve got this”.

Replacement:”I’m taking action in my life today, to uplift my thoughts and bring into my life balance and self love.”

“I’m taking action today in my life to uplift my mind and knowing all the good is in my life right now.  I am providing for my family.  I am taking action.  I am experiencing unconditional flow of positive loving thoughts.  I am bountiful, resourceful and energized. My children are feed.  I am creating more and more in my life to share with my family.  Our needs are being met.  Today, I am aware, I’m being mindful and taking action.  I’ve decided I will do___to help change my outcome.”

It takes more on your part to begin to create change in your world.  Breathe, 1, 2, 3, 4. Take a moment and just breathe.

Come back to your heart Chakra and breathe in your self-worth.  You’ve got this. You have the reins and can guide your life.  Your life requires ACTION.


My intention is to raise my thoughts.

Through Divine guidance, I am connecting myself with source creating a channel between my crown Chakra and roots that flow through my toes.  I recognize the Divine loving light that flows through my eternal beingness.  I recognize the light. I recognize the love that is always flowing without end.  This Divine source is available to all that allow to seek Divine Love through the Light of Love.  I recognize the light of love is always pure, it’s clean, it’s safe, it’s healing, it’s life. I recognize it warms the body, the mind, the spirit, the soul. I recognize it holds positive and destructive forces that are natural to it, as it doesn’t know, it only does what it is designed to do. I recognize the light is a source that is a higher power than I am.  I recognize it as a gift and I’m happy to be able to experience all that it has to offer.

I am unified with this force, it touches all things with its warmth, with it’s light.  I am uplifted in the union of it’s partnership between it and myself.

I realize, I am of the light and I share my light with others.  I realize, I am able to share my light of knowingness.  I realize, I am able to share my light of understanding. I realize, I am able to share my light of trust. I realize, I am able to provide the light of plenty.  I realize, I am able to uplift my thoughts and take positive action.  I realize, I am able to take a new direction to complete a better outcome for myself.  I realize, I am the head of my destiny, that I am taking action. I realize, I am vibration of loves light glowing in the brilliance rays of prosperity and all my needs are being provide for me now in the moment.

I’m eternally grateful of the blessings in my life.  I’m thankful for the unconditional love that glows when I smile; it glows when I laugh; it glows when I feel safe within myself.  I’m grateful for the divine presence that Lives Through Me.  I’m grateful that it guides me and helps me to over come my obstacles.  I’m thankful for the great I am.  I’m grateful knowing I can do better for myself in this moment and make new decisions, that this is me taking action and I’m moving this energy.

Blessings of Light; It is so;  Bless it be, Amen.© Katie Yavuz, BA/RScP/CAC

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