Concierge Services

Conscious Thought with Katie

Katie Yavuz

  • Clergy Services: Pastoral Counseling, Shaman Cleans, Shaman Healing, Interfaith Readings, House Cleans, Drumming, Group Meditations and Workshops.
  • Intuitive ArtistArtful Antenna Readings, paintings and photography. 
  • Event Planner-Reservations, decor of event                                          (Bookings: site, photographer, food services…). 
  • OfficiantCelebrant, Weddings, Pastoral Reverend.
  • Public Speaking-Large groups of 300+ to Intimate groups.
  • Serving Services-Serving Documents and witness signing.
  • Religious Science Practitioner (RScP)-Prayer Treatments.
  • WriterArticles, Blogs, Ceremonies, Journalism, Short Stories, Poetry, Prayer Treatments…

Call for your confidential Appointment

Phone: 720-270-8161



Hours: 10 a.m.-10 p.m. MST

Civil Service and Military discount available upon ID proof.