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Rev. Katie Yavuz is an Independent Minister (church without walls), her service fees are based off her skills, time and educational background.  She is an Interfaith Minister believing all paths lead to the Divine.  She has worked for Littleton Adventist Hospital as a Chaplain Intern; Ellis Family Services as a Celebrant and Castle Country Assisted Living as Care Staff.   Rev. Katie is a   native to Colorado.  She celebrates life with her family.  She enjoys the great outdoors, fishing, the creative arts, writing and she is a published author.  You may visit her blog for a spiritual, contemplative and controversy or enjoy her art work and  spiritual readings.

Eulogies begin at $300, they include: meeting the family for an interview, unlimited edits, unlimited phone/texts/emails, individual compassion care, service sequence, rituals and rights, customized Interfaith service.


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1.         Sacrament


1A. Wine Box of Love Letters

A wine box of Love Letters is to create closure of last words, best of times together, poetry and pictures.  Invite your guests and family to share their    memories of your beloved.  Add this to your Service: $80                               


1B. Edible Crystal Petals

Enjoy edible crystallized petals organic, pesticide free petals as a light refreshment during the Eulogy Service. 

Add this to your Service: $70                               


1C. Holy Communion

Add this to your Service: $65    (Price may vary with number of guests.)                          


1D. Anointment

Renew your spirit and soul with a blessed cleanse.  Anointment of your choice frankincense & myrrh oil, Past Tense-Tension  Blend (dōtTERRA is an anti-inflammatory alleviating pain & headaches) or  Holy Water.  Add this to your Service: $25                               


  1. Wishing Well Blessing


2A. Kindled Farewell’s

Kindle your prayers and release your blessings on this magical paper.

Each guest writes a brief blessing for your beloved

Add this to your Ceremony: $15-$70

(depending on size of guests)

2B. Balloon Release

Write on a scrolls or on the balloon and release your choice of colors as a farewell

Add this to your Ceremony: $20 

(depending on size of guests)

2C. Bubbles

Farewell of bubbles are fun and alleviates stress.  It’s fun for all ages.

Add this to your Ceremony: $12-$48

(depending on size of guests)

2E. Filling the Grave

Take a handful of dirt and toss it upon your loved one as they descend into the grave.  Affirming the next step helps to give the feeling of helping yourself to have prominent closure.  Add this to your graveside service: $40.00 


  1. Affirmations of Love


3A.     Seven Qualities of Love Candle Lighting  

Invite family and friends to light a candle with an affirmation…

Add this to your Service: $20


  1. Celestial Clearings

By clearing the room of spiritual energies, like a House Blessing, Rev. Katie will smudge, use vibrational tones and anoint thru the room while praying for the release of the soul to travel to it’s highest and best good.

Add this to your Service: $45

4A.     Celestial Support

For your BelovedHeaven Light Doorway

Prayer  will begin upon notification Rev. Katie, will pray for the souls travel from viewing & visitation, during  service, and end at graveside or cremation site.

Add this to your Service: $65


5. Bereavement Support

For Family and Friends

Prayer  will begin upon notification Rev. Katie, offers prayer at viewing & visitation, after service, and personalized sessions are available by appointment only.

Add this to your Service:  Complimentary