Wednesday’s Channel 9/29/2021

Intuitive Healing-Make Time for Yourself

Goddess Artemis– Her realm is of the wilderness. A wild Squash has spread it’s roots throughout the spiritual realm in your life. Something you are afraid to allow to flourish in your life is success. Your fruits of your labors are right here and now. Artemis, understands you need some healing time. It is time to take a step back if you are already taking this break. Do not worry, you are not uprooting what you have sown. You simply are leading the Universe to help you cope at the speed your vibration can handle. When you are ready for the full swing of life; the Universe will adjust and you will see quick rewards. It is in your conviction that creates this speed. {Are you a painter, an artist? Keep creating whatever brings you joy during this time of rest. Allow yourself this time to heal and recover from the unfulfillment. As brighter days are ahead, as you allow yourself to feel and bring in Divine’s Love Light. Get back into nature as you can.}

Initial Difficulty– It’s time to focus your time in meditation/Reiki/Journey’s with the colors of Blue, Purple, and Grey. The Changing Feminine (Changing Woman) is able to see and move with the flow of birth and death. She is asking you to learn the values of love, hospitality, and generosity. Knowing that she is a source of food in nature. Know you have the ability to find food and provide it to your young. It takes your faith knowing it is already with you, and so it is. Allow yourself to nourish others and provide them with their own learning experiences. You are also wise, and it is also important for you to continue learning.

It’s time to plan ahead, and know that failure is part of your lesson. It is merely a hick-up in your path. Dust yourself off and begin again. There’s no quitting on yourself. Get back into thinking you are a determined person even if it feels like that side of you is dead inside. Put your thumb in your mouth and breathe life back into yourself. We both know, you and I, that you want to keep going and allow your journey to unfold better than it was yesterday. Look ahead and progress. The pain is essential to your experience.

Goddess Amphitrite- Everything that you plan on doing should be thought of in the power of three. Envision sea foam encompassing your inner storm to calm the waves. You can wrap her around anything you are experiencing when you are seeking relief.

Double your Love, unto you. When something feels right, listen and in positive expressions take action.

Chun- Chakra Colors

The focus of Grey Matter is the brain‘s neurological cell structures. Grey Matter involves muscle control, sensory perception (seeing, hearing, Memory, speech, hearing, emotions, decision making and self-control). {Note: The spinal cord has both pinkish white and grey matter.}

The Brow 6th Chakra is purple, your third eye lives here, where you are able to invent and create new idea’s. Your pituitary glad is a pea sized organ, focus on the balanced functioning of your vitals (blood pressure, heart rate), your energy, and mood equalizing, your reproductive organs (if you have had them removed, now is the time to send that area of your body love and forgiveness). Focus on your vision (when was the last time you had your yearly eye exam?). Your pituitary glad is the “master glad” it tells the other glands in your body when to function.

The Throat 5th Chakra is blue, focus on the water entering your body as it splashes the following organs to cleans and reboot them back into harmony. As you drink water have that deep sense knowing you are simply washing your thyroid, parathyroids, cleansing the neck, ears, the anterior of the atlas, and your respiratory system. {Note: Do seek medical evaluations on your thyroids functioning if you are experiencing trouble breathing while lying down. There is an exhaustive list of what the thyroid can do to your body if you are experiencing any health issues between Chakra #5 and #6 seek an Endocrinologist in your area.}

Thank you, you’re a Divine being. Please leave us feedback and you are welcome to book your own session.

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