Sacred Soul Experiences

Rev. Katie Yavuz, BA, RScP, CCST, NLC, CAT

Rev. Katie Yavuz is an Independent Minister affiliated with Universal Life Church and is in good standing. She practices as an Interfaith Minister and is a Shaman.

Shamanism is a way of life. I learned through my linage and began practicing.

I took the path of a healer, of the soul, body and mind.

Learn more about Rev. Katie and her credentials on her Resume/CV Page.

Sacred Soul Experiences are here to let go of past hurts; bring awareness that will lovingly allow yourself to, trust yourself with acceptance and joy once more; and to listen to what your body needs.

Your souls purpose is waiting for you!

Vernal Equinox, Photo Credit: Katie Yavuz

Care of the Souls-Soul Clearing

Are you ready to let go of past hurts, surrender silver cords that are no longer serving you or your soul mission?

Discover how sacred your soul really is when you go within and begin to heal from the inside out.  

It’s time, the Ascended Masters are asking you to sing a new song from within. Are you ready for your journey to take flight on your soul path?

You will be empowered with your experience. You will receive clear safe practice instructions being touched only by an egg.  Once the cords have been collected a reading will follow. Care of the Souls that surround you. 

The Sanctuary, Sedalia, CO. Photo Credit: Katie Yavuz

Shaman Drumming

A journey to bring back soul gifts. Journey’s are similar to meditations but the two have different directions to focus. Where meditations teach you to let go of your story, to clear your mind and thoughts; in a journey we encourage the story to continue. When we continue the story we can direct your soul to take empowering choices, to leave things or to bring back gifts.

Sunset-Om, Castle Rock, CO; Photo Credit: Katie Yavuz

Reset with Shaman Healing

Present and Past life, On the Earth plane and of the Celestial plane, Rev. Katie will cradle your soul with Hands-on-healing, Sacred Soul Surgery, and Mediumship.

♥♥♥♥ Katie is wonderful to work with. She is able to accommodate the varied and different views and religions of several in our family and work with all to create a beautiful sacred event for everyone. I would highly recommend Rev. Katie to council and officiate at any event. We simply could not have made this wedding happen without her extra work and wisdom to bring us all together.~Smith Family, Colorado 8/2014

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