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Your reading will uncover how your #Past, #Present, #Future say about how things have been for you. Align with the #Angels and, your #PowerAnimal.

Your Past


Your Present


Your Future





The Bear

Awaken your future.

Your #past relationships-You have felt the burden of your past relationships that have tugged on your pocketbook (they’ve left you broke 💔$).

Your #present life-Your past relationships have not been aligning with your #faith, #religion. It’s time to get your bearings on what it is you truly believe in.

Your #future awaits-Once you begin to align your goals, values and expectations as early as May; you will have built the trust within yourself to believe you deserve love in your life.

Intuitive, Caring, Life Changing

What is the Universe Requesting from you?

Rev. Katie Yavuz, BA, RScP, CCST,

“Rev. Katie found my Mother’s necklace that was lost for over two years. Now that I have my mother’s necklace I never take it off. She described how my father made his favorite dish. She’s priceless, I’m forever grateful.”

Kathy F. G., Colorado

“Rev. Katie was able to connect with my brother who had passed while experiencing hands-on-healing. I was getting married and she came up with our groomsman’s names. I felt heard and I was able to say goodbye.”

Colorado Springs, CO

“While Rev. Katie was writing our ceremony, my mother who had passed came through and let us know she was there. She came through in Rev. Katie’s automatic writing(psychography).”

Melonie Bates, FL

Mediumship & Interfaith Readings

Rev. Katie is an Independent Minister, Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Omniscient, Mediumship both the living and the deceased. She holds a BA in Religious Studies, a Religious Science credentialed Practitioner, a Certified Craniosacral Therapist, a Non-Licensed Counselor and is a Certified Addictions Technician (Level 1 Addictions Counselor). She has over 18 years of experience of helping local and international clients. She’s achieved success due to her commitment to providing caring, compassionate, and tranquility bringing forth the beauty, and grace that lives in us all.