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Arapahoe Community College “Disc Golf” was established in 2009.  What is different about disc golf compared to Frisbee? “It depends on how nerdy you want to get” serious joker says hobby expert Jason Daves.

The first time I saw the basket, I thought of it being just like a horse feeder to eat hay off the ground.  I thought it makes sense for a horse to eat at a more mid-level range so it wouldn’t hurt their necks (body mechanics). Shocker! It was a part of this new and exciting game.  Little did I know how much was actually involved in Disc Golf and it was a lot of fun.

It was so nice of A.C.C. instructor Jason Daves (Automotive Service Excellence Program (A.S.E.P.) Coordinator and on campus Automotive Technology faculty) to sit down and talk about the sport. Instructor Doc Viola; Chrysler CAP Coordinator joined us along with Eddie Miller, who is classified in extensive research with the Automotive Technology Department.  While playing the 9th hole (basket) student interest arose with two students who joined in; one from automotive, and a sound major in the music department was introduced to the game.

A.C.C. is seeking an active member (You) to lead the Disc Golf Club.

Don’t worry about purchasing the discs as you can rent a disc bag for free at the Student Engagement Center. Contact Stephanie Beecher, Specialist in Student Life (303) 797-5665.   All you need is your student ID card and they will loan you a Frisbee Disc Golf bag.  It includes:

  • Innova-Avair Putter
  • Innova- StarRoc Mid-Range
  • Innova-Valkyrie Distance Driver
  • Innova- Destroyer Distance Driver

Disc’s can also be purchased online, ranging from $15.00 and beyond $60.00, a bag is included with everything from a bottle holder to rags to wipe your discs clean from a morning dew. The question is, are you playing for fun or do you want to invest into the sport, go to tournaments, and join the professionals?

Jason Daves states whether you are “playing for fun”, or wanting to get serious with this sport, there are many health benefits to add to your game.  How much walking do you think you do in an average day/week?  I walk more typically at work between four and seven miles, a little less when I come to school and only a mile or two on my days off if I’m staying at home.  The average adult female in my age group (30’s) walks three miles per day (per my Samsung Health App (SHealth).

You can always jog or run to the next hole (basket) to up your game for health benefits.  We simply walked, and by the 9th hole, I was perspiring.  Each basket has a start position and a certain distance between each basket.

The discs have different thicknesses to them, which is based off aerodynamics.  Some discs go faster and farther depending on how hard you throw.  Drivers are skinny in profile; Putters are for mid-range and are thicker, and Fades have a hook turn. Others have a hook or curve as they fly straight then towards the end of the energy of spinning it hooks clockwise or counter clockwise to the angle of release.  I threw a lot of rollers, which it does what it sounds like (on it’s edge rolling). Hey, it worked to get closer to the target of the basket.  Flicks are faster using your anterior of your hand at the projection point (forehand throw).

Throwing over hand by using more emphasis on the strength of your middle finger on the lip of the disc is another technique.

Back to the benefits of Disc Golf:

Your entire body benefits from the sport Disc Golf, aka Frisbee Disc Golf.  It’s only as exhilarating as you wish it to be.  How is that you ask?  First, let’s think about your stance.  Where are your toes or heels pointing (towards the basket)?  Are your legs square or in a fighting position?  Are you going to take a running start to wind up your toss?  How are you going to choose to throw the disc?  Which hand and foot are forward? Are you placing the most weight and pressure on the right or the left leg?  Do you think your hips will move?  Going up to your abdominal muscles and rib caged area.  One side of your body will contract while the other side extends. Most likely you might choose to throw across your body in a side arch (right hand starting towards left hip and motioning your arm out to the front of your body).

Before you get completely overwhelmed with techniques, I would like to add that I enjoyed the challenge of Disc Golf.  I can see myself playing again and introducing it to my children, who are 15 and six years old.  Once you get the basic Disc Golf set, you just need a little gas to get to a few destinations; there are plenty of parks around Colorado that offer Disc Golf.  If you want to be taught, want someone to help you improve your game and learn more thorough techniques, the Instructors in the Automotive Department were extremely helpful.  It is one of the most enjoyable games that I’ve played with good company; they joke, laugh, and have a good time.  They were respectful and kind in helping me lighten up and not be so hard on myself. Doc Viola was also fantastic in preaching, be gentle with yourself and have fun learning.

There are more details to the disc’s with the three ending numbers on the disc’s that represent more details about how the disc’s fly.  There is a diagram with the coordinating numbers in Jason Daves office, which I encourage you to go and visit. Introduce yourself to him and the rest of the club members; tell them Katie sent you.

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