I Fall into Me, The Divine Feminine (Wednesday’s Channel 10/31/2018)

The Divine Feminine

I Fall into Me

Often as women when we begin to be noticed by a likable attraction (a love, a lover) when we tend to over commit.  We become lost within our significant other and desire to be filled and satisfied with their love.  We dive in too deep and dismiss the facts of taking care of ourselves.  To stay separate and to remain our own selves.

Bringing balance back into our lives can feel foreign.  We become rattled and scared that we won’t find our true love or sometimes we as the Divine Feminine begin to feel that we aren’t good enough. At times we can begin to believe things that our lovers may push negative words upon us.  Within those negative words we do not always separate ourselves to see that there are many planes/layers to one negative incantation.

With any negative words spoken there usually many hidden factors to the meaning of one miss spoken, miss directed word that becomes hurtful.  When we allow ourselves to believe in these words is when we have accepted one’s dysfunctional thought.  These negative seeds of thought become parasites and only destroy.  Negative seeds of thought are curses and it is up to our own selves to be able to begin to identify these par-acidic thoughts.  In German these negative thoughts are “Seide” and the parasite plant in America is the “Dodder“.  These negative and hurtful words find their host and begin to feed on your soul.  It destroys your self confidence; it destroys your well being; it tarnishes your hopes and are often the begin effects into ones path of depression.

We the Divine Feminine must begin to protect our thoughts, guard our minds from these incantations that are another persons experience but we often do not look at the cause of these hurtful words.  It is a call out of another dimension within the person casting these stones that often they do not recognize why they feel or say these hurtful words.

We must protect what we believe and what we decide to buy into our own belief patterns.

Protect your mind and thoughts of someone else’s realizations; such as a Facebook post is not true to our own belief pattern until we let it. One Facebook post stated: “It seems that many of the awakened are in fact one of the most lonely of people”.

Don’t buy into someone else’s crap of a belief.

Actually the enlightened soul knows they are no longer alone.  Once enlightened, a person begins to feel the ever fast supply of love pouring in from everywhere. This love circulates, it’s always expanding and there is plenty of Universal Love to go around and then some more, forever and ever.

Protect your mind, protect your thoughts, protect your words.  Your feelings of emotion are the key to unlocking or sealing or blocking of your success.

Bring in to your life the opposite of what you are experiencing.  Call in (invoke) what blessings you want to experience.

Go forth and spread the truth of of good words, good deeds and help others to feel good about themselves.  This world is full of judgement and we need more people who are willing to demonstrate what good is.  Demonstrate what a blessing is to another.  As we give we receive and this is the cycle of all life, all creation, in infinite possibility.

Author’s Note:  The Divine Feminine is found in all things, all people.  The Divine Feminine is the part of ourselves that is which is the caregiver, the part of ourselves that provides self love, it does many things and is of many things.


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  1. Lisa says:

    Such perfect wisdom produced through beautiful and loving words. Thank you, I know you put a lot time and energy into these articles.


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