I am Worthy (Wednesday’s Channel10/8/18)

In this Divine moment I am glorified by the peace I hold within. As my kingdom of heaven is within me; I see it before my loved ones and in myself each time I’m in front of my own mirror. I recognize my kingdom of heaven each time I do my hair, I recognize my kingdom of good each time I put make-up on. I recognize the glory of myself as a perfection of the Divine.  I recognize I am worthy of the presence of the Divine living through me as me.  I recognize the Divine living through my family, on each face, I’m able to recognize this Divine presence in all things and they serve as a mirror of my own Divine self-worth.
I am in perfect union of my self-worth.  Through the Divine Living Through Me, I feel the presence of the Divine shining in me; as it’s warm golden light passes through my beingness, I sense it’s presence clearing and healing my internal wounds.  There is no separation between me and the Divine white light.  Its presence spreads it’s love through me, each time I breathe I know it is my partner in life.  I feel whole, I feel welcomed, as is passes through each of my thoughts, I know it is encompassing my greater Divine self as worthy and full of life.  I experience the blessing in each moment as I breathe in it’s loving Divine self.  Through this union I feel honest, grounded and able to express myself in a calm manner.  I am able to release any negative energy through it’s combined presence and discharge any unwanted actions of thoughts or words that are not of Love.
I realize I am worthy of an abundance of thoughts, feelings, of love and my laughter is a release of this Divine right action. My giggles and smirks are a blessing in my life as I allow myself my Divine presence to shine out wordily.  I realize when aggravation, feelings of mistrust or any other frustrated feeling is just that a sensation.  I realize I can come home to my kingdom from within and breathe the Divine white light of the moon, of the stars or the sun into myself to cleans my aura.  I realize I can breathe my way into taking a breathe to think things over before I speak.  I may choose to humbly hum, or I may choose to close my eyes, whatever, I choose I know I am empowering myself to make a new course of action to serve my higher Divine self.  I am worthy of taking actions to help myself.  I am worthy to speak my truth.  I am worthy to come home within to discover what my truth might be.  I am worthy to live my dream.  I am worthy to know my own value.  I am worthy of self love.  I am worthy of returned love.  I realize as I give love I receive love without end.  I am worthy of infinite possibilities to return my goodness, my faith and to forgive myself of any wrong doings.  I recognize I may have felt unworthy at one time and I now realize I am worthy to forgive myself.  I realize, that I may not please everyone, but I can come home within and begin again to discover what will serve me in my highest and best good.  I realize I create solutions and I am an embodiment of that solution.
I am hum-bly thankful of the Divine Living Through Me.  I know beyond any shadow I am grounded and in complete harmony of knowing this Divine love lives inside of me.  I am more than I allow myself to be and I realize I am not going back to feeling small anymore.  I am graciously humble knowing my cheerful and Divine presence is allowed to play, to laugh, to cry without any judgements.  I am so thankful that the Divines presence lives through me that I can rely upon how worthy it is by providing for me.  I am thankful that I am able to discover and am open in discovering the solutions within my life.  I am grateful to know I may begin to gaze upon myself in my mirror and be thankful for who I really am.  For each hair that may flop the wrong way, or any imperfections I may reflect upon, that I have a choice to feel good or poorly about or to just know that the Divine made it so, for me to learn to accept and love myself as so.  I am worthy of the Divine love that lives within me and as I give this love, so it returns to me again.  I am so thankful of the infinite flow as it passes through my Chakra’s as it lifts me up, as it shines and heals that I am one with it’s Divine presence living through my entire being. I’m thankful for the greater good that pours from my heart and into my positive right actions that I am able to release and let it go. Bless it be~It is so~Amen.
Mantra: “I am worthy, I create solutions that empower me.” (20 times, three times a day.)
Blessing of loves light,

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