I’ve Been Found: Lost and Found at ACC


Campus Police reports a 95% turnaround of lost & found items from the honest people at ACC : faculty, staff and students.

Have you ever left class or the restroom without your phone, keys, thumb drive, laptops, tablets, or eye glasses?  How about a wallet, credit card, a back pack, or your water bottle?  Lost jackets have been found, to shirts from the gym, golf disks to Nerf-Guns, and the famous winter items from coats, sweaters, gloves, scarves, and hats.

It’s a relief to find that out while we are talking trash about ourselves (OMG) for losing something; there is an upside in that they have been found and turned in.

Brandi Miranda, Technician II, for Campus Police reports that there was someone within the last two years that found a wallet with more than $200 and they were able to locate and give back the person’s lost wallet.  The man was grateful that all his money and credit cards were accounted for.

If you have found something or lost your property, ACC Campus Police are in room M2630.  To claim your property they require the following from you:

  1. ID required (Student ID or current Driver’s License).
  2. Full description of the item (including contents).
  3. The place your item was last seen.
  4. The date you lost the item.
  5. Your phone number.

What happens to the unclaimed items? Campus Police attempt to contact three times.  They will hold the lost item for 60 days. After that the item is donated.

Items of value, cash, books, and electronics are sold and proceeds go to the ACC Student Emergency Fund.

Items found and not claimed  after 60 days (clothes, yoga mats, skate boards, calculators, prescription eye glasses, backpacks, chargers, ice chests, water bottles) are given to ACC’s Custodial Services 303-797-5766 and are donated to a church.

It’s worth your time to go and ask Campus Police room M2630 if you have lost something. More than likely it is there waiting for you to claim it. So what are you waiting for?

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