Messages Beyond the Grave, Wednesday’s Channel

Mourning Doves and the Wasp.

Mourning Dove Symbolism: Exploring Its Peace and Power | LoveToKnow

Divine’s guided protection.

Today, and each day is a new day of how we view our world and our roll that we play in it. After making breakfast this morning, I begin to eat and then stop…What are you waiting for to change today? I asked myself. Why am I standing in the kitchen eating, when I could be eating outside, out in the sun?

I called to attention and Spirit answered. For you might not realize it is God, the Divine, the Universe or Spirit nudging you to do something you only do occasionally, yet you are just pulled to do so. So, I have learned from my planetary existence, to follow this lead and just go with it. In doing so, I asked, couldn’t I focus on another talent to give this reading vs cards? Yes, spirit brought insect and animals into my experience today. Let’s visit what their calling is for us.

The Wasp

In a mason jar I poured some apple cider and hot water. Out on the open back patio, I sat to enjoy buttered toast, pouched eggs with avocado and a little s & p to taste. Along to my left buzzed a wasp as it glided on-top of my cider. I didn’t anger, nor get scared. I just let this creature (insect) take it’s drink and it happily flew away (I was so glad it didn’t get stuck.) It was graceful in it’s landing upon the drink. Did it simply hover or did it actually land and “Walk on water”? Lol, It appeared to land and swiftly escaped just as easily as it flew in.

The wasp appeared from the left side, which is from the past. Someone, recently experienced a sudden demise in a vehicle (auto accident). The is fear and worry around this situation. Please know they didn’t suffer. Their spirit was swiftly lifted and is under strict orders to protect. Thus is in the nature of wasps as they protect their young and the queen.

Three Mourning Doves

Mourning Doves recall their meaning as if they are only here to help you grieve. However, just like it’s cousin the white dove it is here to provide you with knowledge your loved one is safe, in harmony with the Divine and is choosing to move into the light. It is simply a little whisper to you, that your loved one is on their path, which is your path to learn to have faith and peace knowing they are where they need to be. A sudden demise is very hard for the living family members who lost their loved one without a goodbye, or knowing the Divine’s plan in all things. Three doves flew in, one by one. One Dove the protecting escort, the second dove, your loved one, and a third dove, is the one to close and protect. Such in the circle of life, the beginning, the middle and end. Past, Present and Future. For your loved one he/she is being protected in front and behind them. They are well encapsulated with the Divine’s protection.

What to take with you on your journey of healing? First, and foremost, their is no time limit on the grieving process. I have lost a child (still born). The loss is always their, it is in your choice to allow yourself space without conditioning yourself. Allow your self to keep on loving them. Always, always talk to them like they are right next to you. They can still hear you, even if they choose to be in heaven. In closing, know I am here for you, when you are ready for spiritual support. Sending you and our precious children (any age) comfort hugs of light. It is so, bless it be, Amen.

Katie’s available for South Metro Denver, CO area Eulogies, Mediumship and family grief support.


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