Creed of Principles

I choose to walk lightly on this Earth. I choose to take a breathe and speak from my heart.  When I poses anger or judgement I will hold my tongue.  I will reflect Love, kindness and compassion.  I will protect my thoughts; protect what I’m subjected to in what I hear, read and speak.


  • We believe the Holy Divine lives within each being and living vibration: animals, humans, plants, insects, organisms, species and creatures. Including vibrations of the supernatural.  (All paths lead to the Divine.)
  • We believe that all living vibrations are connected including Nature, our Atmosphere and beyond our Solar System; which we are all connected to our human experience.
  • We believe in balance of all life in the physical human experience and in the supernatural principles also known as the Law of Attraction. Balance of intake of consumption, balance of energy, vitality…
  • We believe in the fourth dimension of true learning from one another.  The mental, physical, spiritual and emotional in respecting other people, other thought processes, respecting animals, respecting life and death including the supernatural. We believe in giving thanks daily and/ without ceasing to the four cardinal directions. These directions are East, West, North and South. Certain colors, elements and physical attrobutes are also associated with these directions.
  • We believe we are all responsible for our own actions, thoughts and words we speak.
  • We believe the cruelty of people, judgments and dis-ease is what creates the bars of Hell. We believe hell is a place we put ourselves in; tormenting physically/emotionally/the mindset of other people for gain.  Finding forgiveness, conscious choices to change our lives and heal from the negative effects of life allows us to break the chains that bind us from the “hell” and find the light of healing the the Divine Masters.
  • We believe the devil is a response of a human creating cruelty and hate creating the manifestation of dis-ease, chaos and unforeseen dysfunction.
  • We believe it is Wrong to Murder someone or something; bound by a law that will reflect a negative impact on the human experience and must be avoided at all cost.  The exception to this rule is for food source keeping balance of consumption in mind without being wasteful; protecting our property and clan family from harm as in the 2nd Amendment.
  • We believe in Reciprocation of truth: knowing the universal law of what you take you also return.  (When someone does something nice to you, at some point you will have their back and do something nice in return.) “Pay it forward.” Reciprocating kindness back to them at another point in the future or now state of mind.
  • We believe when resources are available we are here to sow the good seed into thy earth while filling it with light of love, regrowth of plants and sow good will towards others.
  • We believe Change is in a state of constant change. One season falls upon the other. People are born, live, and die. All things change. There are two kinds of change. The coming together of things and the coming apart of things. Both kinds of change are necessary and are always connected to each other.Change occurs in cyles or patterns.
    They are not random or accidental. If we cannot see how a particular change is connected, it usually means that our standpoint is affecting our perception.
  • We believe in balancing our health and the intake of any food, medications, legalized substances must be consumed on a limited basis-as needed basis.  (Only take what you need and do not overdose, over consume.  Follow your healthcare providers provisions.)
  • We believe in doing the right thing, being in the right place, anytime a moment presents being honest, truthful, helpful, giving compliments, allowing forgiveness and releasing our selfish ego’s to help others.
  • We believe in sacred conception until the readiness of creating life between the natural laws of conception. We believe in allowing the natural law of conceiving is with the Divine and our loving co-creation process.   We accept that if we are not able to conceive that this has Divine meaning and do not seek further scientific forces in creating life. We accept B,G,T,L,  with the understanding that it takes a man and a women to create life.
  • We believe there are many Master’s seeking into the Divine and all are accepted with love and right action.