Small ego is Enlightened Gift of Omnipresence. (Wednesday Channel Sermon 9/19/2018)

Wednesday Channel Sermon 9/19/2018

Small ego is Enlightened Gift of Omnipresence.

Ezra-Divine within Sanctuary; 9 Colossians 2:8; Corinthians-Love and Isaiah 66-Intentions


Have we been ignoring and strayed from the Divine Teachings?

Do we need to begin to re-focus on Love and honoring thyself?

We are in the Ninth month of September 2018 and as we learn to take more action of listening to within our vessels through the Tenth month of October through the First month of January 2019 we will notice what we have begun to change in our lives to become closer, closer to the Kingdom within.


Ezra 7-16

The Lord our Divine has given us a firm place in (It’s/God’s/His/Goddess) Sanctuary…the Divine gives us light for us to see and little relief in our bondage, this thing called life (our human experience).

The Divine has shown kindness and new life to rebuild (I see the green grass of fields of alfalfa, wheat grass, living food to restore ourselves)…to repair our ruins (our bodies, our thoughts, our life).

I take notice what we have disregarded of the commandments what you haven’t listened to from within.

Let go of your weeping and come home from within and begin again.  Each day you have this chance to start again and do better than you did yesterday. Allow yourself this chance to flourish and renew yourself again.  This is letting go of being hard on yourself.  Allow yourself to fail and begin again until I begin to master the truth that lives within your vessel. (Breathe)

9 Colossians 2:8

For the Divine lives in a bodily form.  This is you, allow yourself to get quite and listen.  What is your body saying?  What can you do good for yourself? Is the small voice saying something that would cause harm? Harm is where ego lies, words that hurt is big Ego.  Words that are kind are small ego.  Small ego is Enlightened Gift of Omni presence.


Mystic Alignment  

 Godsmack Re-Align  

 Medicine Women/Medicine Man  

 Christian Alignment James Brown-I Feel Good

Sermon cont.

Comfort of the Divine

Through Divine compassion of what has been given to us, we allow that same love of comfort flow through us and send on to others.  We have been given comfort, we shall pass on that comfort to others.  When we have endured troubles and we have been comforted, we too shall comfort others when they endure trials.  When we have restored our faith and have begun to trust in source again, we too shall share how we made the transformation to help other begin to trust within themselves. So that the other individual(s) begin to take their own action within themselves (it’s not our job to do for them), it’s our job to bring comfort to their transitions.

Isaiah 66 Reminds of our Intentions

What is your intention to serve the divine from within?

When you turn your back on your internal beliefs, what are you feeding yourself?

Unhealthy Lifestyles: What are you eating? (Fast food?) (Pigs/rats)?  Are you eating what isn’t clean and whole?  What is your body saying?  What is your body wanting to embrace?

Help me to understand what you are going through and allow yourself to honor what it is from within.

Rev. Katie is available Monday’s, Friday’s and Sunday’s to help you learn the calling from within you.  She can help you decipher what is the Big ego from the small ego; what is the devil talking vs what the Divine is calling for you to take into your life…Begin to breathe in your alignment. Namaste, Blessings to you my friend.  Know you are Loved. Amen; Bless it Be.

Rev. Katie Yavuz is on Psychology Today 


Castle Rock, Colorado 80108
(844) 322-4798



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