Pastoral Counseling

Psychology Today

Katie assists in bridging beliefs of Interfaith principles from: Catholicism, Christianity, Paganism, Shaman and Islam. Some clients want to restore their lives and find the good within themselves again. Letting go of judgements and allowing compassion to engage themselves in self awareness and begin to heal from the wounds of the world.

Each session includes a weekly prayer treatments, spiritual guidance, supportive mentor-ship. Offering: Movement Meditation providing motion in ones life (w/chronic pain). Shaman egg cleanses for clearing; Integrative Hands on Healing to restore and balance; moving past trauma, finding direction or spiritual path. Find your path free of judgement.

Sessions are available for days or evenings in person, off site or remotely on Monday’s, Friday’s and Sunday’s. Structured sessions are available for groups, couples or individuals through Katie’s workbook: Living Through Me, Six Steps Moving Past Suicide and Pain.

Mention this ad and receive a 20 minute consult. Call for your appointment today.

Katie Yavuz, BA, Rev, RScP


Castle Rock, Colorado 80108
(844) 322-4798








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