Mentoring Lessons

As clarity, I am a Minister, RScP and have a BA of Religious Studies.  Spirit lead me away from “organized religion’s/organizations” to pursue this ministry.

I’m ordained by as a Independent Minister.  I am currently at an Internship as a Certified Addictions Counselor and soon I will be a Registered Psychotherapist.  I’m studying towards a Master’s in Somatic counseling.  I have completed 1/4 Unit’s of C.S.L.’s Chaplaincy training (CPE).  I’m an Eclectic-Shaman and practice Interfaith based belief’s.

How I receive my information: I have most or all The “Clar’s” some are stronger at different times.

I’ve gone as far as being tested in neurosciences to make sure I wasn’t having seizure activity.  I’m not casting any “judgement” for these experiences.  They’re part of the penal glad in connecting with the Divine through that deep prominence from within, also known as the third eye effect.  I’m also directed thru experiences, nature, dreams and visions.

Shaman Egg Cleans with Egg Reading

Find the Sacred within and begin to heal what is missing. Allow the egg to cleanse your soul, to let go of past relationships. Learn to experience what safe touch of only an egg is (not being spit upon nor being disrespected common in different cultures) only being who you are for an soul egg cleans. Following the cleans is your reading of souls that surround you. $75/per person. {Price doesn’t reflect extra gifts that you provide for the sacred ceremony.}



Intergrated Healings

Discover the combination of healing arts from Stones/Crystals, Cranial Sacral/Reiki, Medium-ship and Hands on healing or help with spiritual nutrition. Discover a safe haven to unwind, let go of the world and encompass the greater you. {Sliding scale available.}


Personal Session

Please email me three different time slots your available. Include your Phone number, email, website and the reason for our session. I’m available most Monday’s/Friday’s/Sunday’s. Please include your City, State and Time Zone or your Providence, Country and Time Zone. Your session includes a 95 minute conversation, an email to recap our discussion and a plan of action of what we both decide is best for you.



“Living Through Me”, Six Steps Moving Past Suicide and Pain.

Explore your true essence, your Divine God Qualities from within. Learning who you are inside will help you each day. It’s your god given right to experience happiness, and this six week class will help you to practice heartfelt happiness. These teachings work when life doesn’t give you what you think it should. You will learn the skills to rise above and remember what things are great about yourself, even when other people deny your goodness. Its six chapters done one week at a time. (Payment arrangements available.)


Shaman’s Delegated Services “Being the Spirit I Am”

This six-week study is done one week at a time. Advance who you are within to experience a full prospective of Divine’s Right Action within yourself. Learn more control over Soul Traveling, Learn to embrace practices that embody self control, positive awareness and the secrets within. Declare your magical journey while keeping your own belief practices.


Fact: It takes six to eight weeks to learn a new idea.  Time gives evolution to penetrate its value into your life.  Like a mantra “It’s Important”.




Self Declared Scholarship

Scholarship students: Available for Self-Declaration are designed to embrace the letting go of financial difficulty while providing you choice of a chapter to study. These are to be done for seven days and one chapter a week (one-week-at-a-time). Each Chapter will have the nominal fee that maybe purchased before the next chapter will be released. What is needed from you: Proof of your financial hardship; A copy of last year’s tax documents proving the income you have created in your life. *Please black-out your/your spouse/children’s EIN/Social Security number(s). A nominal fee is required as a sign of commitment. When we invest in ourselves we invest into our well being. Every scholarship will have it’s own unique experience. Once your application is submitted we will contact you for further instructions.



These workbooks are the stepping stones into my vision of Theories into Therapies where I hope to bridge the difference between counseling and spirituality and providing scientific contemplation to what the psychology world calls pseudoscience.  There is much to learn and an abundance to teach in this realm.

(720) 270-8161 MST

10am-10pm Monday, Friday and Sunday

Conscious Thought with Katie

Castle Rock, CO 80104

“Being at the right place, the right time, doing the right thing and
Allowing the good to come through each others being.”