Antenna Readings

Q: What is so special with your Antenna Reading?

A: Your Crown Chakra-Meridian is a vital living organism that lives and breaths every moment of your life and even continues to grow after one’s passing.  It knows all that has transpired in your life time.  Through it’s memories of your childhood into your adult life.  It knows how you felt when you fell down and all your happiest moments.  Through your hair is your connection into Divinity.  It knows what your deep desires are and your blocks your fullest potential.

Q: What do I do to prepare for my antenna reading?

A:  Wash your hair, comb your hair with conditioner to prevent damaging your hair.  Dry and style your hair. *Collect the hair that has already come out into your comb for your reading. (Note: If your hair is wet simply place your combed out hair into a clean paper towel and place into a zip-lock baggy.  Collect any hair that may have fallen close to the drain, let’s not waste any hair from one reading.)

Experience your Antenna Reading in two great ways in person or via mail.

  1. Antenna Reading’s available in person as keepsake art you take home.
  2. Mail in your “hair” for your handcrafted keepsake art with a reading attached.

If making an appointment via mail for your Antenna Reading a brief survey will be emailed to you to send in with your hair.

Your handcrafted art with your hair and it’s Antenna Reading will be returned to you.

  • In person session: $120 (includes: material fee and a 50 minute antenna reading.)
  • By mail: $95 plus handling and shipping.

Antenna Reading above:

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Enlightened magic today , calling in your karma to speak to both your small self and the enlightened Self reminding you not to come from ego but come from Love.

An angel might be sad? The Pixies are here to cheer you up! No matter what your prayers are big or small, be completely clear on your prayer as the magic awaits to come true very soon.

©Katie Yavuz April 2016