DWC_8050Katie W. Yavuz was born in Colorado.  At age three her spiritual life blossomed as she gardened often meditating and communication with the afterlife .  Her young adulthood she began knowing and drawing more information on how she really was and not always knowing why she was so eccentric from her peers.  She knew one thing very clearly, she had purpose and was driven to show her life as an example.

Katie, majored in college as a vocal descant soprano (often signing above high E).  She later transitioned in Law Enforcement when her gifts of clergy first sprang.  A light in the darkness she was for souls she was surrounded by others (both living and those in the darkness) by the days and nights working.  Still more souls rushed in to see her and when she didn’t comply they would turn on electronics to get her attention.  Weird phenomenon would seep into daily experiences.  She strives to discover the reasons behind who she was and how she could help others.

Today, Katie is an independently ordained Minister with her BA Degree in Theological Studies.  With more that 40+ years of planetary experience she is here to offer her gifts and mentor you to come home to your light within.

You will discover your life’s journey with her in real time.  Each of us have a vibration to offer.  Discover her as a author, a poet, short stories, post, blogs with books in the works and where she has already been published.  Katie’s creativity will encourage your soul to grow.  You can purchase her art and photography.  Katie’s available for spiritual care, custom art and crafts, events, creative writing and, short film editing and producing.  Concierge Services as a Spiritual Practitioner; Shaman aura cleansing with readings, Antenna Readings with your own hair, House Blessings (reclaim and unite your space), Movement Meditations, Celebrant Services and Pastoral Bereavement Care.

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